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Hotel Palace Levanto

hotel palace levanto

hotel palace

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Our recipes

Trenette al pesto with beans
Risotto with shrimps and vegetables
Pennette with muscles sauce
Spring soup with rice and pesto
Gemellini with mullet and pine nuts
Stracotto ravioli with asparagus and parmesan
Past of vegetables and fresh tomato
Summer green cream with flowers and prawns
Trofiette with scampi sauce
Potatoes with Taggia olives
Ravioli with porcini mushrooms sauce
Fish soup Lasagne al pesto
Risotto with gongorzola and grapes
Tagliolini with white ragu and porcini mushrooms
Ligurian ravioli with “tocco”
Paella valenciana
Rondanini to Liguria cartoccio with potatoes and tomatoes
Livorno fish San Pietro with sage and bacon on creamed peas
Grilled swordfish
Orata with zucchini, peppers and pachino
Cuttlefish stewed with peas
Escalope with porcini mushrooms
Nodini veal with sage and vermentino
Salad of octopus and vegetables
Mixed fry of squid and prawns
Fried anchovies
Baked chicken with herbs
Fresh tuna with rocket and balsamic vinegar
Cima alla genovese with onions in balsamic vinegar
Sea bass baked on a bed of potatoes
Rabbit stew “alla ligure”
Crispy suckling pig with honey and myrtle

And much more .... all complemented by a wide variety of appetizers and desserts!

HOTEL PALACE - CORSO ROMA, 25 - 19015 LEVANTO (SP) - TEL 0187/808143 - 0187/808206 FAX 0187/808613 - P.IVA 00793760117
Mappa Interattiva Levanto
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